Why I am Passionate about ServiceNow

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Real Intelligence (RI) – Not just AI with ServiceNow

I’m back in the game of ServiceNow, and I was reflecting this morning on why. Yep, funny question but to pose but as you get older you (at least I) reflect on why I am back in the game on anything (limited time left, follow your passions, yada yada 😆).  I’m advising Astrica, a brand new ServiceNow Partner focused on Financial Services, Public Sector and Healthcare with a passion for revolutionizing those industries with ServiceNow. *

In the infinite world of possibilities, I’m still crazy excited about ServiceNow. I think it is the best and only solution to drive any enterprise’s digital transformation. Why? I know it may sound Pollyanna-ish, but I’ve seen what it can do. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of many technology eras (read: old person) and have skated across a large sea of technology and services at my time at Forrester, Deloitte and many other great experiences. ServiceNow is different. It meets the user in the flow of their work and adds WD40 to all their processes. An entire new horizon has opened to supercharge those workflows with the Artificial (Real) intelligence era.

ServiceNow is bringing Real Intelligence into the workflows it powers. I say this not to be cute, but as ServiceNow gets trained on your company’s data and uses it to continuously learn – it’s like having all your employees collaborate and a super smart engine starts automatically suggesting things like an employee would. It’s actually REAL intelligence built into the place where it happens – the workflows.

At Acorio (purchased by NTT DATA) we built an amazing firm, one of the most energizing, fulfilling teams I’ve been lucky enough to be part of. And I believe using ServiceNow as our guide, change our joint clients’ outcomes across HR, IT, Customer Service, Security. We made it easier for our clients to do work.   I think that is now on steroids with RI (AI). Check out our ebook to understand more.

* Astrica is powered by the industry veterans from Acorio, one of the highest quality ServiceNow partners purchased by NTT DATA in 2020).

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