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ServiceNow isn’t merely a platform; it’s a catalyst for positive change within your organization. By following these strategies, you’ll not only maximize your ROI but also transform your IT service management landscape.

Spring is here and has us thinking about how we tend our ServiceNow garden.  We have nine seeds to plant in your minds as you sketch, plant and grown your own gardens.

Have you invested in ServiceNow and want more value? Maybe you are considering it and want to avoid the pitfalls? ServiceNow has grown into a robust platform for HR, Customer Service and of course IT service management and even more. It holds immense potential for organizations, but like any large initiative, can be a costly mistake when not guided by the right hands. To extract maximum value, strategic planning and thoughtful execution are essential. Here are top tips for getting the most out of ServiceNow.

Define Clear Objectives

Before embarking on your ServiceNow journey, articulate specific objectives. Each organization has specific opportunities for return, specific measures of success, and should be guided by their own objectives. Over time an organization may grow into a full set of capabilities, but to maximize return a roadmap that hits clear objectives and demonstrates wins along the way will get the long-term support needed to be successful. Should your organization rollout an HR solution first to agents, then to employees? Will a customer service organization reduce its wait time with proper routing?


Comprehensive Training

Invest in thorough training for your team. This starts with working with well-trained internal and external administrators and developers to set things up properly. Implementations introduce change, and the users need the right training as part of the implementation to get the full benefit. Training should include technical training on the platform, but also training in how to govern the platform, introduce organizational change management and promote adoption.


 Automate Repetitive Tasks

ServiceNow excels at automating routine tasks. Identify processes—such as password resets, HR benefit requests, or approvals—to be automated. This not only frees up your team’s time but also ensures consistency and efficiency.


Integrate with Other Systems

ServiceNow’s strength lies in its ability to integrate seamlessly with other tools and systems. Connect it to your existing applications, databases, and monitoring tools. This integration streamlines processes and improves data accuracy. For example, given the amount of data in your organization and in particular in the age of AI – are you integrated in with data lakes and ETL initiative going on at your organization.


Customize with Caution

While customization is sometimes necessary to align ServiceNow with your unique requirements, exercise caution. Balance customization with system stability. Regularly review customizations to ensure they remain relevant and aligned with evolving needs. Take note on difficulty of upgrading to the next version when contemplating customizations. Most organizations have a formal review & approval before any significant customizations are undertaken on the platform


Monitor and Optimize Performance

Regularly monitor your ServiceNow instance. Utilize performance analytics to track key metrics, such as resolution times, employee/customer Net Promoter scores and and overall progression against KPI’s setup initially. Getting things right the first time is hard and your organization will evolve. Don’t let your implementation grow stale.


 Adoption and Communication

Successful implementation hinges on user adoption. Communicate the benefits of ServiceNow to your team and/or customers. Provide ongoing support, address concerns, and celebrate achievements. Engaged users drive ROI.


Leverage AI

ServiceNow is investing heavy in AI. We wrote an ebook focused on this topic (Ebook: AI Unleashed: Revolutionizing Enterprise Performance ( Tap into these investments to take your ServiceNow implementations to the next level.


Seek Experienced Professionals

You don’t want to trust this large of an investment to the B-Team. Working with professionals with a track record of success, who have helped others maximize their value will put you on the right path to finding it yourself. At Astrica, we’ve seen it all. We can guide you down a roadmap, finding the wins and avoiding the pitfalls.

ServiceNow isn’t merely a platform; it’s a catalyst for positive change within your organization. By following these strategies, you’ll not only maximize your ROI but also transform your IT service management landscape.

Remember, success requires a blend of technical expertise, strategic vision, and organizational commitment. Embrace ServiceNow fully, and watch your investment yield substantial returns.


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