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Astrica: Born in the AI Era & Expediting ServiceNow Outcomes 

Astrica is a new, pioneering ServiceNow partner born in the AI era.  Astrica brings a sole focus on the power of ServiceNow to drive business outcomes at clients – expedited and enhanced with AI.  Founded by veteran teams from Acorio and Third Sky, we're dedicated to accelerating client value by leveraging and enhancing the proven successes from years of ServiceNow projects and close partnership with ServiceNow.  Astrica is led by visionary women that are committed to quality, community and value for our clients.  

Recognizing that ServiceNow client outcomes are magnified through enabling industry-specific processes, Astrica is laser-focused on Financial Services, Healthcare and Public Sector organizations.  Our consultants come from those businesses and draw on their deep knowledge of their industry.  With that industry-expertise and unparalleled ServiceNow talent, Astrica accelerates time-to-value within those industries and processes. Whether its expediting loan origination workflows for a large credit union, improving patient care for a regional Healthcare provider or increasing municipal citizen engagement - Astrica brings a set of templates and knowledge to expedite value. 

Our expertise brings focus on HR and Customer Service Management, all supported by IT workflow foundations.  We offer strategic advisory to chart client roadmaps, form operating models, ensure platform health, and pinpoint opportunities for ServiceNow to boost business outcomes. Our hands-on implementation services prioritize swift value delivery, built on a solid architectural and process-centric foundation, complemented by organizational change management and expert training. 

With the advent of the AI era, Astrica brings something unique. Our methods and solutions are enhanced by GenAI, prioritizing rapid delivery, quality, and an unwavering privacy commitment. In addition to leveraging AI to expedite our delivery, we actively empower clients to harness ServiceNow's AI tools for ongoing value. 

Want to know more? Drop us a line! Discover the breadth of possibilities with our bespoke 'Value Amplification Clinic,' a focused, just for your firm, 4-hour intensive to deepen your understanding and maximize the benefits of ServiceNow and AI for your organization.   

But Why an Octopus? 

Known for their intelligence, adaptability and multiple hearts they represent the qualities associated with the best consulting firms!   

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