Why GenAI Needs Human Partners

and vice-versa!


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Insights from Jim Van Over, ServiceNow Innovation Officer, on the impact we see on leaders.  Are you ready to apply AI technologies in your enterprise?

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Here's a quick summary from the experts:

  • GenAI Adoption and Integration: 50% of CEOs are incorporating GenAI into services and products, with many believing it's key to outcompeting others.
  • LLM Definition: Large language models (LLMs) like GPT-4 can process language and generate contextually relevant text, although they have limitations.
  • Workforce Impact: LLMs could automate around 10% of routine tasks, increasing to 50% with optimized software.
  • General-Purpose Technology: LLMs may become the next widespread technology, vital for continued innovation, akin to the wheel or electricity.
  • Beyond Efficiency: GenAI should not only automate tasks but also aid leaders in questioning and problem-solving.
  • Creative Collaboration: There's debate on whether GenAI hinders or enhances human creativity. Engaging with GenAI actively can lead to more innovative solutions.
  • Active Engagement with AI: Leaders should use LLMs to challenge and refine their thinking rather than generate ideas passively.
  • Innovation Study: A study showed that individuals who actively engage with AI before consulting it tend to produce more creative outcomes.
  • AI and Creativity: AI engagement encourages stepping out of comfort zones, promoting creativity, and could be used for training and upskilling.
  • Future Significance: LLMs are set to add value across various sectors and executives should explore how AI can enhance employee performance and experience.




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