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Four examples of how ServiceNow has help elevate Healthcare Operations

Transform Healthcare Operations: Maximizing Value with ServiceNow & Astrica

Efficiency, compliance, and patient-centric care are paramount in providing quality health services. Healthcare providers of all types leverage advanced technology to help and have committed to Digital Transformation journeys. Often powering these journeys is ServiceNow helping streamline workflows, automate processes, and enhance collaboration across healthcare organizations.

Real-World Examples of ServiceNow in Healthcare:

1-solution-idea-blue-1Large Multi-Site Teaching Hospital

This large teaching hospital was struggling with IT performance and outages impacting the amount of time staff had access to critical patient information. Workarounds were creating compliance issues. By implementing ServiceNow, this hospital streamlined its IT service management processes. This consolidation of multiple IT systems into a single platform resulted in improved incident resolution times, enhanced communication between IT teams and clinicians, and reduced downtime of critical medical equipment. With ServiceNow's robust ITSM capabilities, the hospital achieved greater efficiency in delivering patient care through allowing staff access to technology more readily while ensuring compliance.

1-solution-idea-blue-1Regional Healthcare Provider:

This Healthcare provider has over 150 hospitals and was looking for optimization in onboarding staff and a variety of HR functions to improve employee experiences and operational efficiencies. ServiceNow was leveraged to optimize its human resources (HR) processes, automate routine tasks such as employee onboarding, performance evaluations, and leave management. This initiative reduced administrative burdens on HR staff, improved employee satisfaction, and provided a seamless employee experience from recruitment to retirement, thereby enhancing workforce productivity and retention.

1-solution-idea-blue-1U.S. based Childrens Hospital:

This children’s hospital with over 5,000 care professionals had communication and data sharing challenges resulting in inefficiencies. ServiceNow enabled them to enhance their patient care coordination processes by streamlining the referral management process. Integration with the electronic health record (EHR) system facilitated collaboration among primary care physicians and specialists, leading to reduced referral processing times, minimized errors, and improved communication among healthcare providers. Ultimately, this resulted in better health outcomes for pediatric patients in the community.

1-solution-idea-blue-1Multi-state Health System:

With increasing data breaches and cyber attacks, this health system took proactive steps to strengthen its cybersecurity posture, ServiceNow's Security Operations module was deployed, allowing real-time detection, investigation, and response to security incidents. By centralizing security operations on the ServiceNow platform, the risk of data breaches were minimized, patient information was safeguarded, and improved compliance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA was achieved.

Partnering with Astrica

Astrica is committed to transforming healthcare with ServiceNow. Specifically, Astrica brings:

  1. Healthcare Expertise: Astrica boasts a team of certified ServiceNow consultants with extensive experience in healthcare processes. They understand the unique challenges and requirements of healthcare organizations and offer tailored solutions to address them effectively.

  2. Healthcare ServiceNow Experience: Astrica works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and tailor ServiceNow solutions accordingly, whether it's optimizing patient workflows, enhancing IT security, or ensuring regulatory compliance.

  3. Continuous Innovation & Support: Implementing ServiceNow is just the beginning of the journey. Astrica provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that clients derive maximum value from their ServiceNow investment, enabling healthcare organizations to succeed in the digital age.

  4. An AI-infused approach: Astrica is born in the AI era and brings a set of modern, private accelerators to harness the power of ServiceNow faster with use of GenAI tools – coupled with expertise on how to leverage NowAssist and the suite of AI capabilities in the platform. We help educate your team.


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