On-demand webinar: Real Talk for 2024: ServiceNow's Biggest Investment

Webinar where we teamed up with industry trailblazers to unravel our "Real Talk for 2024: ServiceNow's Biggest Investment."


Eager to dive into the future of ServiceNow? Curious about what 2024 holds for this dynamic platform?

Understanding AI and where it fits in your ServiceNow journey is one of the biggest topics of the year – bigger than Taylor Swift? You’ll have to listen to find the answer and learn a bit more about ServiceNow’s capabilities, best practices for implementing and strategies for maximizing AI’s impact on your business operations.

Our webinar goes in-depth on the following topics

  1. Insights on AI Implementation: The webinar discusses the practical applications of AI within the ServiceNow platform, offering valuable insights into how organizations can leverage AI to improve efficiency and productivity.
  2. Operating Model Best Practices: It delves into the importance of establishing an effective operating model for ServiceNow implementation, providing practical advice on governance, project management, and platform oversight.
  3. Talent Management Strategies: The discussion on talent management highlights the challenges of finding and retaining skilled ServiceNow professionals and offers strategies for building and managing a capable team.
  4. Industry-Specific Workflows: The webinar explores the evolving landscape of industry-specific workflows within ServiceNow, showcasing the platform's ability to streamline processes in finance and supply chain management.
  5. Real-World Examples and Case Studies: Throughout the webinar, real-world examples and case studies are shared, illustrating how organizations have successfully implemented ServiceNow solutions to drive tangible business outcomes.


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